About us

The Company

A long time ago, back in 2007, Kilian dreamt of building a replica of his hometown as a modification for GTA. He worked on it for a few years with his nephew and some other people. They kept building Eemnes on the backburner until 2010.

Kilian wanted to speed things up, thus invited a group of students residing in Eemnes. After the first meeting most of the students stopped, but a few brave were brave enough to take on this enormous task.

During the production of the model of Eemnes, things started to get a lot more serious. A division between the really dedicated members and the members with little time left for the project quickly became visible.

When things became more serious, the idea came up to form a company. Erik van Egmond, Nicky Jägers and Kilian Steenman formed the current organization under the name AimSpit. The name exists of Aim, which sounds like Eem in Dutch, and Spit, because after a quick search on the internet a “nes” which is a synonym for “landtong” and that translates to spit. Thus the name and company AimSpit was born on a winter-day in 2011.

And that is the story of AimSpit so far. We hope to grow a lot in the upcoming years and deliver entertaining and interesting games. And ofcourse the model of Eemnes where it all started with.


The Team

Kilian Steenman

Kilian Steenman just graduated as an ICT student at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and has a great passion for playing and creating video games. He is the founder of GTT Eemnes and responsible for bringing the AimSpit team together.

Erik van Egmond

Erik van Egmond is a student Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam. Since a few years Erik is part of the GTT team where he does a lot of modeling. In the future this will extend to programming and mission design.
Erik also participates in the robocup. And as a member of the Dutch Nao Team he has been to the world cup of 2011 and 2012.

Nicky Jägers

Nicky Jägers is an accountancy student at Nyenrode, currently in his first year. He joined this team around spring of 2011 after being introduced to it (and Kilian Steenman) by Erik van Egmond. Although he knew very little to nothing about 3D-modeling and programming, he gave it a try. After a course of Modeling 101 by the rest of the team it was time to set to work on his own. It took some time to get the hang of it, but after a few months he was there as a major team member when Aimspit was first thought of and formed. Via his collegues and teachers he is now trying to gather information on what is the best, cheapest, easiest way of turning this group of friends in a real company for when and if they are going to make money with their projects.

Tim Tempelaars

Tim Tempelaars is Kilian Steenman’s nephew. In the beginning of the project he started modeling houses and streets in Eemnes. After a few years he went to Eindhoven to study “Technische Innovatiewetenschappen”. For half a year he did not have much time to work on the project. Unfortunately for him, the study turned out different from what he expected. It asked too much time from him and he found out the level was too high. So he stopped, but nevertheless, every cloud has a silver lining. There was more time for the project and he knew AimSpit was established. After a few meetings, he showed interest for AimSpit and Tim joined the group.